Staff Augmentation
& BPO Services

Tech Americas has grown and developed over the years alongside its partners and specific industry needs. Our Staff Augmentation solutions vary from your typical BPO partner as we step in and provide options for solutions based on our history and experience in working for over 11 years with multiple organizations across different industries such as telecom, retail, paralegal, finance and more.

We secure professional resources with the level of expertise required to seamlessly take over roles at any level within your organization. We provide added value propositions and solve issues that have a direct impact in key aspects of your business (deadlines, budget, customer optics, etc.)

  • Tier 1, 2 & 3 certified network engineers
  • Managed network service support
  • Highly skilled networking and advanced routing agents with certifications in CISCO (CCNA/CCNP/CCIE), Juniper, Cradlepoint, Adtran and more
  • Remote technology migrations
  • Dedicated project management resources at multiple levels
  • Contact Center Services (customer care, account support)
  • Outbound and inbound salesforce
  • Root-cause analysis reporting
  • Dedicated or shared levels of engagement

Allow Tech Americas to help you optimize your operations budget by allocating your staff with us and let us be part of your journey to reach the next level of service by driving excellence day in, day out.

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We believe the scalability of our services and the flexibility to accommodate the particularities of your company needs set Tech Americas apart from our competitors.

We are convinced the experience and talent of our crew will make the implementation of any technology deployment, staff augmentation, and network monitoring solution a more efficient endeavor.


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